Zarif returns to Vienna with top Iranian nuclear elite. Israel fears nuclear deal signing is imminent

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohamed Javad Zarif departed Tehran Tuesday, June 30, on his way to Vienna, accompanied by to two government heavyweights: Ali Akhbar Salehi, Chairman of the Nuclear Energy Commission and Hossein Feredydoon, brother of and senior adviser to President Hassan Rouhani.

debkafile’s sources in Jerusalem report concerns in Israel that this high-powered Iranian representation portends a “surprise” signing of the comprehensive nuclear deal with the world powers on or close to the deadline day. They now suspect that the Americans and Iranians kept on spreading word about a possible delay to head off objections and build up the suspense.

This suspicion gained support when it was discovered in Jerusalem that the Iranian foreign minister had not left Vienna and traveled to Tehran for consultations before concluding the deal – as reported. He actually took with him the final draft agreed with Washington for approval.

In that case, his return to Vienna Tuesday must be interpreted as meaning that supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has confirmed the final text. Zarif’s round trip and the high level of his two traveling companions adds drama to the finalization of the long negotiations. The signing ceremony is now awaited

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