An armed group crosses into N. Golan, driven off by IDF fire

First report:  An IDF lookout post caught sight of a group of armed men crossing the international boundary line into northern Golan Sunday night under cover of dark. Troops on the spot opened fire and the group fled. No details are available on intruders’ identity or whether they sustained casualties. DEBKAfile: Stationed in the Beit Jinn enclave opposite the northern end of the Golan are Hizballah forces and Druze fighters who are their allies.


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7 thoughts on “An armed group crosses into N. Golan, driven off by IDF fire

  • Dec 23, 2018 @ 23:55 at 23:55

    Hezbollah forces? So, this is another Lebanon act of war, something has to be done.

    When the time come for a good dissuasion action of let us say 1 week of bombing of Beirut , highways, and industrial facilities, one shall not forget the Mudeirej Bridge on the highway Beirut-Damascus, this one is a challenging nice target, good for practice too.

    But, why the f Aoun does not say yet a word?

    • Dec 24, 2018 @ 1:37 at 1:37

      Is that not the Golan Syrian Land that Israel is illegally occupying?

      If it is in fact Syrian Land that Israel has stolen as recognized by the UN Resolutions and Hezbollah has been invited INTO Syria by the Syrian Government INTO their Territory then NO this is NOT EVEN an act of aggression as defined by International Law.

      More than likely a navigation error on the part of the Brave Hezbollah Warriors returning to their homes in Lebanon after battling for Justice and the Good of non-Zionist Humanity worldwide against those Ziocon Funded and Supported Savage Terrorist Groups in Syria.

      Of which ISIS is the best known example.

      • Dec 24, 2018 @ 2:05 at 2:05

        You mean the same UN that has failed to act on the most heinous genocide of innocent people since WWII? Innocent Syrian men, women, and children mercilessly gassed… The UN and its resolutions grow more irrelevant by the second. But of course let’s try to rally behind them to see if we can slander Israel, right? Israel conquered that land in a military conflict. Sorry, until Syria does the same in return its Israeli land for them to keep and do with as they see fit.

        Don’t be a moron!

        • Dec 26, 2018 @ 1:39 at 1:39

          Nigerian occupation of Biafra 2 million + killed
          Indonesian occupation of Papua 500,000 + killed
          Sudanese occupation of Darfur 700,000 + killed
          Alawite occupation of Syria 600,000 + killed
          Turkish occupation of Cyprus and Kurdistan 80,000 + killed

      • Dec 24, 2018 @ 19:18 at 19:18

        The best to hope for is that your barbaric, backward, stupid Hezbola thugs get deeply involved in a Friendly Fire/Workplace Accident Nabka.

  • Dec 24, 2018 @ 3:21 at 3:21

    you have to think and act like muslims in order to survive.
    criminals muslim turks massacred 1.5 million Armenian christian in the Armenian genocide
    haffez assad the father of the criminal dictator assad killed 40.000 civilians in Hamma in 1982.
    Reports by Syrian Human Rights Committee claimed “over 25,000″[22] or between 30,000 and 40,000 people were killed.[6] Twenty years later, Syrian journalist Subhi Hadidi, wrote that forces “under the command of General Ali Haydar, besieged the city for 27 days, bombarding it with heavy artillery and tank [fire], before invading it and killing 30,000 or 40,000 of the city’s citizens – in addition to the 15,000 missing who have not been found to this day, and the 100,000 expelled.”[2]
    now the son of the criminal assad, the new assad dictator killed hundreds of thousands of civilians .


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