IAEA: Iran can now make two nuclear bombs – four within a month, says an expert


In a new report,  published on Wednesday, the International Atomic Energy Agency finds Iran’s stock of uranium enriched to 60pc has grown 23 times since 2015, enough for two nuclear bombs. In In the view of renowned expert David Albright, speaking to The Economist, Iran could enrich uranium to military grade 90pc, in a newly dug underground tunnel near Natanz within 12 days and increase existing enriched material sufficient for four bombs within one month and two additional devices two months later. Indeed, says Albright, Iran can produce a nuke almost immediately, nearing the point of using all of its enriched uranium stock.

The Economist says Israel may see its window of opportunity closing, while it probably is still in need of some sort of an air refueling tanker the kc-46 Pegasus, to achieve a strike on Iran, which would in any case be difficult and dangerous. Boeing is not expected to deliver them before 2025, the paper noted.


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