Veteran Al-Jazeera correspondent shot and killed in Jenin

Al Jazeera reports that its correspondent Shirin Abu Aqleh, 51, was shot in the head by Israeli soldiers during IDF-Palestinian clashes in Jenin on Wednesday morning. She was covering  Israel’s counter-terror operation ongoing in the city after a string of deadly terror attacks in its cities. The Palestinian Authority blames Israel for the attack, calling for a worldwide outcry, while the IDF spokesman issued a statement claiming that “armed Palestinians” may well have shot the correspondent, who was seen wearing a press vest and helmet.  Israel proposed a joint investigation with the Palestinians, although, he said “I don’t believe we killed her. I say this with caution pending an investigation.  However, the Red Crescent evacuated the body speedily before it could be examined, he said. “They may have good reason for hiding the evidence.”

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