US, Russia on brink of military showdown in Syria
If the US breaks off the coordination deal with Russia for their air force operations over Syria, a clash between their warplanes is inevitable.
Sep 30, 2016, 1:03 PM (IDT)
October 19 Is Final Date for Mosul Offensive
Barack Obama orders US army chiefs to bring forward the operation to free Mosul from ISIS.
Putin Expands Tartus to House Large Russian Warships
Russia’s center of gravity for big warships moves from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean.
ISIS Is Moving Shop from the ME to Far East
Three-quarters of a billion Asian Muslims provide a recruiting paradise for terrorists.
DEBKAfile Special Report Sep 27, 2016, 7:07 AM (IDT)

The first direct face-off between the two US presidential candidates Tuesday, Sept. 27 ended in a slight edge for the Democrats’ Hillary Clinton versus Republican Donald Trump. But the score was not decisive enough to radically change the close tie prevailing in the polls when the contenders took the stage


DEBKAfile Exclusive Report Sep 25, 2016, 4:04 PM (IDT)

Israel is again urged by Washington to update and enlarge its war fleet to catch up with the rapidly changing conditions opposite its shores, where Russia, Iran and Egypt are building up armadas of warships that are bigger and more advanced than ever before. Tehran and Rome have just negotiated a naval exchange deal that gives the Iranian navy berths in Italian ports.

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report Sep 23, 2016, 6:49 PM (IDT)

DEBKAfile discloses:  Iran, Hizballah and Syria will henceforth hit back at any Israeli air or artillery strikes against a Syrian target on the Golan. This was decided in high-level three-way consultations in Damascus on Sept. 15, two days after Israeli aircraft attacked the headquarters of Syria’s 90th Brigade at al-Shaar, near Quneitra, after Syrian shells strayed across the border.

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report Sep 20, 2016, 10:38 PM (IDT)

During his rips to Afghanistan, Ahmad Khan Rahimi secretly visited Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders in Quetta, Pakistan, and was appointed a regular Al Qaeda controller who kept in touch with him up until the present when he executed three bombing attacks in New York City and New Jersey. The same controller runs a number of terrorist sleepers in America.



DEBKAfile Exclusive Report Sep 3, 2016

A day after Israel’s Amos-6 communications satellite was lost in a highly unusual explosion/fast fire of the SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket at Cape Canaveral, some Israel aerospace industry experts are beginning to suspect sabotage. 

DEBKAfile Special Report Sep 19, 2016

The same cell phone-activated mechanisms were found in the explosive device that injured 29 people in the Chelsea district of New York, Sunday, Sept. 18, the unexploded pressure cooker found on 27th Street and the pipe bomb, the only one of three which exploded harmlessly before a Marines charity run in New Jersey. Also discovered in the preliminary inquiry: The same man carrying a piece of luggage showed up on video at both Manhattan bomb scenes.

DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis Sep 17, 2016

The Pentagon and US army are not following the orders of their Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama in the execution of the military cooperation accord in Syria concluded by US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Geneva on Sept. 12. Five days after the truce they agreed would go into effect Monday, fighting was still raging Saturday, Sept. 17.

DEBKAfile Special Report Sep 15, 2016

The failure of the Ofek 11 spy satellite mission would not only mean hundreds of millions of dollars down the drain, but also indirect losses, incurred by the need to close airspace and territorial waters for the launch, as well as the wasted efforts of deploying fighter and reconnaissance planes as accompaniments and placing medical, rescue and hazardous material disposal units on alert.

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report Sep 12, 2016

In another move to grab control of the Syrian arena, the Kremlin marked the start of the US-Russian brokered ceasefire in Syria with a push for the US to dissolve its war room in Amman that is manned also by Jordanian, Saudi, Israeli, Qatari and United Arab Emirates officers.

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report Sep 10, 2016

debkafile reports that Putin virtually shut the door on further cooperation with the United States in Syria after signing a secret deal with Turkish leader Tayyip Edrogan. The agreed that they would map out together the next steps in the Middle East, including Syria.


DEBKAfile Exclusive Report Sep 7, 2016

A large Hizballah force is building up outside Quneitra, just 2km from the Golan border, under Iranian Revolutionary Guards command. They are preparing to open a second warfront against Israel.

DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis Sep 5, 2016

Instead of grappling with global crises, the G20 summit is revealed as a platform for a further plunge in the cold war relations revived afresh between the United States and Russia. 

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